Tarot Testimonials

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Tarot party was amazing!  I can’t say enough about Darlene and how she blew us all away.  There is something about her that I can’t pinpoint – it’s almost like she glows.  She started with a little history and views on tarot then off to the room I prepared for her and started reading.  Very polite and positive – I will be doing another soon!

~ Tammy B.


Darlene was spot on and helped me through a very bad time in my life.  She helped me to see there is another way and that way was better!

I’m very appreciative for all you’ve done and I’ll be checking in soon for an update.

~ Anne H


Darlene has been nothing but encouraging and positive and I love it.

~ Marie G


I’ll be the first to admit I was skeptical about this but I received a gift certificate so thought what the heck it’s no money out of my pocket.  Darlene is not the stereotypical card reader I had an image of in my head.  She came out to my house and I had a few other friends get readings too.  She’s not all hocus pocus, she does really care about you and encourages you to follow your desires.  I’ve met with her several times in person and over the phone and I am now a monthly coaching client.  You won’t be disappointed with Darlene.

~ Tiffany T

Best $20.00 I Ever Spent!!!!! On July 9th i took part in the Distant Healing Session that Darlene was hosting and i am so glad that i decided to join. I laid down, relaxed and opened up to the healing/clearing that was about to come my way. I started to feel light headed and a little dizzy so i just stayed laying down and eventually feel asleep. When i woke up in the morning i felt foggy but so relaxed. As my day progressed i noticed that whenever someone said something to me that would normally get me upset ( i work retail) i was totally calm. I couldn’t believe it, me calm, but i feel so much better. I don’t know how Darlene does it but i am so glad that she does. If you aren’t sure if this is for you (like i was) or if it will work, please take a chance (like i did) and open up to the healing/clearing that will be coming your way. Thank You So Much Darlene, See You Next Month :-)

~ Leticia A.