Empowering Tarot Card for Today Ten of Cups

Little Shop of Tarot  Empowering Tarot Card for Today

The empowering tarot card for today is the Ten of Cups. Cups are water – emotions, creativity, intuition and the Ten of Cups leads back to you and your happiness.  Your true happiness begins with you – you loving yourself and everything about you.  You can say things like “I’d be happy if ___” and fill in the blank but your true happiness comes from inside you.  If you don’t love yourself and everything about you, nothing outwardly will make you happy.

Today’s tarot card is asking you to take a look at yourself and love every inch.  Here is an exercise for you to do today:

  • Stand in front of a mirror
  • Talk to yourself – tell yourself how much you love yourself.  You can even talk to individual parts of your body and tell each how much you love them.

Remember once you love yourself unconditionally everything else just falls into place and nothing can shake you.  Explore your inner Diva today and nourish it.




In Love & Light,


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